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Bricker Labs is excited to sell TRU NIAGEN™ and be able to offer such a great product to our customers. These are some of the ways TRU NIAGEN™ can help you: 

  1. Energize your cells* – Motivate your mitochondria, the powerhouse of every cell.
  2. Increase Energy* - Every cell in your body needs NAD to turn food and drinks into energy.
  3. Enhance Muscle Recovery* - Muscle cells use NAD to recover from workouts.
  4. Change the way you age* - The nutrient can help in the quest to ward off aging.
  5. Increase cellular metabolism* - NAD is involved in processes from producing hormones to burning fat.
  6. Maintain Heart Health* - Heart cells use NAD to help pump blood to every part of your body throughout the day.

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