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The Simplest Way to Gain Memory

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You entered your bedroom. You stood still and stared blankly. You struggled, for what seemed to be an eternity, and your mind finally spoke, “Why am I here?” Then emotions swept you with that overwhelming – ‘frustration’, coupled with a forehead slap.

Yes, folks! We all have our fair share of memory loss.  Especially when things around us are just painfully too much to handle, overflowing our daily lives with so many activities: work, family, school, community, the car needs to be fixed, we ran out of milk, or the dog is sick. This is understandable albeit an excuse that is already quite overkilled. 

But the dilemma is - if it happens all the time, even when the world is peaceful and calm.

Someone will say the simple solution to that is 'focus'.  Seems easy, don’t you think so? 

But the next question is, 'how?' The string on the finger will probably not work anymore since you do not even remember where you kept that thread or ball of yarn. Then again, tons of tips and tricks will crop up as you Google your way to self-help. Eventually, drowning you with so much information that you almost forgot to turn off the oven which was already at the brink of scorching that lovingly marinated chicken for dinner.  

Seriously though, there is this thing called ‘Working Memory’: a part of the short-term memory that allows for the storage and manipulation of information while working on another task. It peaks in our early 20s but shows a decline by 5%-10% per decade (Park & Reuter-Lorenz, 2009). In other words, as our age increases, or Working Memory decreases.  

But never despair. All is not lost. There is always a way to improve and boost brain performance through an all-natural extract from spearmint, high in polyphenols targeted to support cognitive and physical performance. This all-natural extract is called Neumentix which is the single ingredient of Memory Matters®.

Memory Matters® is the simplest way to memory gain because it is: 

  • Natural and safe support for cognitive performance
  • Supports physical agility and reaction performance
  • Supports (cross-body) movements (related to athletics)
  • Help maintain the blood-brain barrier
  • Support sustained attention

So, don’t get yourself in a tight spot again just because you forgot your wallet at home and the barista in your favorite coffee shop is already glaring at you. Just 2 capsules daily of Memory Matters® is all that matters.

Wait no more, woe no more. Get your Memory Matters® now on Amazon


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A good night's rest help us better store memories

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Memory Matters is clinically shown to support focus during the day without disrupting sleep at night. The antioxidant polyphenols in Memory Matters promote new brain cell growth and supports a function of the brain called working memory, thus improving the ability to learn, manage information and react. 

Memory Matters provides both cognitive and physical performance benefits and can be formulated into a variety of applications

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